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Privacy Policy

We at LogShare are the first specialized backhaul platform in Latin America. We connect industries, retailers, and carriers in pursuit of efficiency and sustainability.

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy and protection of Personal Data of individuals who interact with our Platform. Thus, 'you,' as the data subject, have the right and duty to read this document in full, available at any time, to understand how we operate. Here, you will find information on how your personal data is collected, used, shared, and stored. And if you do not agree with this Policy, please discontinue the use of our Platform.


And if you do not agree with this Policy, please discontinue the use of our Platform.

Access the glossary we have prepared to better understand the concepts and terminology used in this document: Glossary

1. What Personal Data do we process?

The personal data processed by LogShare may vary depending on the type of interaction with our Platform and the category of data subject to which you belong, as classified in the 'Personal Data Subjects' section, and may be obtained directly from the data subject, from third parties, or collected automatically.

Personal Data may include:

a) Contact and registration information such as full name, email address, phone number, date of birth, driver's license number, individual taxpayer registry number;

b) Access information, such as browsing history, interaction with content and page views, support requests;

c) Device browsing information, such as IP address, access dates and times, device information, cookie data, geolocation;

d) Banking information, such as the name of the financial institution where the data subject holds a bank account, account number, account type, branch, PIX key, credit score;

e) Request information, such as request numbers and other information about the history of cargo transfers, images, and photos taken by the data subject;

f) Verification information, such as information about the accuracy of the data provided and fraud involving the registered user.

Personal Data Subjects: We process Personal Data for certain categories of individuals - Personal Data Subjects. This means that our Data Subject ('you') may fall into one or more of these categories, divided into: (a) LogShare User (driver), (b) LogShare Partner User (partner company).

LogShare Users are those data subjects who access our Platform through registration, i.e., by providing their CPF (individual taxpayer registry number) and password, and they are independent drivers who register with a legitimate interest in using LogShare's service.

LogShare Partner Users are those data subjects who access our Platform on behalf of the partner company, by registering with a corporate email and password to interact with LogShare Users (drivers) in order to facilitate the scheduling, allocation, and transport of cargo/freight.

We do not necessarily collect all the data identified here, as it will depend on the interaction with our Platform.

2. What do we use the collected Personal Data for?

When accessing and navigating the LogShare Platform, we may collect and process some personal data for the following purposes:

a) Facilitate your access to the Platform through the registration process;

b) Enable navigation on our Platform;

c) Allow for the opening of support requests;

d) Enable easy access to LogShare Partner and other information related to trip and cargo scheduling;

e) Facilitate the sending of essential communications by LogShare, notifying the receipt and closure of freight proposals, negotiation outcomes, travel deadlines, distribution center addresses, and other cargo and unloading details.


Treatment and Purpose. By accessing and browsing the LogShare Platform, we may collect and process some personal data for the purposes indicated above, with the main goal of facilitating your access to our Platform and integrating the supply of trips and route availability with the demand for cargo and destinations, which in turn are related to LogShare Partners. We may also use the information provided by you, a LogShare user, to promote collective intelligence with other operators in order to optimize the functionality and usability of the Platform.


For your easy reference and to make it clear what purpose we base the processing of your data on, you can consult the illustrative table below:





Registration and Access on the Platform

When you provide personal data for the creation of your profile as a driver and log in with your username and password.

  • Contact and registration information;

  • Access information;

  • Browsing and device information.

Legitimate interest.

Opening support tickets

When you request assistance from LogShare by opening a support ticket.

  • Contact and registration information;

  • Request information, such as order number, collection data, and type of incident;

  • Access information.

Legitimate interest.

Sending essential communications through email and/or WhatsApp notifications

When we send communications about your trip request and cargo allocation, such as whether LogShare Partners have approved your trip request, to assist in the use of our services and the platform and eliminate the need to re-enter information; to track and provide updates on the status and location of cargo; to generate cargo transport histories; to confirm the information provided by you and request the submission of pending information so that LogShare can properly provide its services.

Contact and registration information.

Contractual Performance.

Data verification and accuracy check

When we, through partners, verify the data provided during registration in order to prevent fraud or wrongdoing during the transfer of cargo.

Contact and registration information;

Verification information.

Legitimate interest;

Contractual performance.

Sharing information with LogShare Partners

When, in response to a request made by you, we inform LogShare Partners about such a request and for this purpose, we share some information from your profile.

Contact and registration information;

Request information.

Contractual Performance.

Payment control

When we facilitate, through the app, the control of invoice payments and other credit protection mechanisms.

Contact and registration information;

Banking information;​

Verification information.

Contractual Performance

Tracking update

When we coordinate with participants in the freight transport chain for dispatch and delivery of goods, as well as generate shipment histories and update the transport status done by you, the driver, through the app's monitoring service.

Contact and registration information;​


Banking information;​


Verification information.​

Contractual Performance​

Integration and improvement of LogShare platform services operations

When we share your personal data with LogShare Partners and operational service providers for the purposes of coordinating, executing, and monitoring shipments, as well as allowing third parties to conduct marketing activities, brand analysis, and interest-based advertising on behalf of LogShare. Also, when we analyze and resolve technical issues related to fraud and the security of the LogShare Platform and Services.

Contact and registration information;

Access information;

Request information;

Verification information.

Contractual Performance​

Integration Improvements - Geolocation Monitoring 2nd Plan

The app/mobile features an integration interface that retrieves the driver user's geolocation information in the background.

Unsubscribe. If you wish to stop receiving communications sent by the LogShare Platform, including via email or WhatsApp, you can configure the deactivation of such notifications in your user profile. Simply go to the "Settings" tab and select "Disable notifications."






Registration and access to the Platform

When you provide personal data to create a corporate registration and enter your login and password.

Contact and registration information;​


Banking information;​

Verification information.​​

Contractual Performance​

Opening support tickets

When you ask for help from LogShare through the openingsupport.

Contact and registration information;​

Banking information;​

Verification information.​​

Contractual Performance​.

Sending essential communications via email and/or notifications via WhatsApp

When we send you updates on the status of appointments and user requests on LogShare, either via corporate email or notifications on the platform.

Contact and registration information.

Contractual Performance​.​​​​

3. How do we use Cookies?

3.1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files located in the user's browser. They are used to help the user navigate websites more efficiently and perform certain functions. Cookies are created when the browser loads a website or web platform.

When the visitor returns to the same site, they can be identified because the browser will inform whether or not cookies exist. It's worth noting that cookies are not only created by the site being browsed but also by other sites that display ads, widgets, and other elements on the loaded page.

The term "cookies" includes other technologies such as pixel tags, mobile device identifiers, and web storage. Additionally, they serve different purposes based on their collection, such as:

a) Strictly necessary cookies for the use of the service, like user session cookies;

b) Performance cookies that collect visitor information for better platform/app performance;

c) Functionality cookies that allow the site to remember the choices made by the visitor and the pages visited or accessed;

d) Targeting or advertising cookies used to provide more relevant and interesting ads.

3.2. How does LogShare use cookies?




Strictly necessary

These cookies are essential for the tools of the platform to function so that LogShare can offer the proposed technological solution in the best way possible.


We use these cookies to monitor how LogShare's platform is accessed, used, and functioning, with data analysis aimed at maintaining, operating, or improving our services.


We use these cookies to enhance your experience so that your preferences are relevant on the platform. These are cookies that store information such as access history, ticket openings, and other browsing information.


We use these Cookies to provide more relevant and interesting advertisements to you.

3.3. How to Manage Your Preferences

Managing the use of cookies. In the case of web access, you can manage your preferences regarding the use of cookies at any time through your browser's functionalities. If you no longer wish to accept their use, you can use your browser settings to accept, reject, or delete cookies.

Learn more if you use Internet Explorer.

Learn more if you use Firefox.

Learn more if you use Safari.

Learn more if you use Google Chrome.

Learn more if you use Microsoft Edge.

Learn more if you use Opera.

*Configuring cookie rejection may prevent access to all features of LogShare's websites and platform/app.

4. Legal bases of processing

As you already know, LogShare is a solution contracted by LogShare Partners aiming to streamline their backhaul processes. Therefore, we provide services to partners, and these services include processing your Personal Data for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy on behalf of our client(s). This means that LogShare operates your personal data - falling under the role of a data processor - when carrying out processing activities as part of the contract between us and our partners.

Regarding the processing of personal data carried out by LogShare as a data controller, it will be based on a legal basis provided for in the applicable legislation. The legal bases used by LogShare may vary depending on the context of processing. We use the following legal bases:

Legitimate interest: LogShare processes data to fulfill its legitimate interests while respecting the expectations of the data subject and proportionality in relation to safeguarding the rights of data subjects. This legal basis is used, for example, when we store your registration information for the use of our platform.



Regular exercise of rights: When there is a need to process personal data due to legal action, administrative procedure, or arbitration.

Compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation: When we need to process Personal Data due to a legal or regulatory requirement.


Contractual performance: When we process personal data due to a contract or its preparatory actions.


Consent: When express, free, and specific consent is necessary for data processing, and there is no other legal basis to justify the processing in question. In such cases, LogShare will request the data subject's consent before carrying out any data processing.

5. Who does LogShare share your data with?

Sharing of Personal Data. To enable the execution of processing activities, LogShare may share some of the Personal Data collected with third parties. For an understanding of these relationships, you can view the table below to see the recipients of these shares and the reasons why this occurs.



Service providers

We use platforms to carry out certain processes within LogShare. Data may be shared with these platforms that contribute to customer support, sales, and marketing processes.

LogShare Partners

For the execution of the backhaul solution that LogShare offers, in conjunction with the use of the application, we may share your registered personal data with our LogShare Partners in order to fulfill the contract and facilitate interaction among users.

Data Protection Authorities and Legal Actions

If we are requested by Data Protection Authorities or in the event of a Legal Action, we may share your data as required by law, in accordance with applicable legislation, or for the regular exercise of rights.

On the LogShare Platform, there may also be content hosted by third parties or references to third-party websites. LogShare is not responsible for any damages or losses resulting from access to third-party websites or platforms, and recommends that all users, when accessing such sites or platforms, read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of those third parties.

6. How long will the data be stored?

6.1. Period of Processing

The Personal Data indicated in this Policy will be processed by us, in accordance with the law, until any of the following circumstances occur:

The purpose of the processing is achieved;

The data is no longer necessary or relevant for the intended purpose;

The right to deletion of Personal Data by the Data Subject is exercised, in cases where data processing is based on the Data Subject's consent and there are no other legal purposes and bases justifying the retention of this information;

Any potential penalties imposed by the authority responsible for overseeing the applicable legislation are imposed.

Retention. Additionally, in specific situations, LogShare and its Service Providers may retain personal data even after the termination conditions of processing due to compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, or for the regular exercise of rights. In such cases, the personal data will be stored for the necessary period, always in a secure location with segmented access.

7. Changes and adaptations to this Policy

Updates to this Privacy Policy. We are continually evolving, so some changes or adaptations may be made to this Policy. For this reason, it is important that you regularly check our Privacy Policy when using the LogShare Platform.

8. How to get in touch with LogShare?

Get in touch. We comply with all applicable Brazilian legislation regarding data protection and privacy. Any questions or requests regarding any item in this Policy can be sent to the email:


  • LogShare: We at LogShare are the first platform specialized in backhaul in Latin America. We connect industries, retail, and carriers in search of efficiency and sustainability.

  • LogShare Platform, LogShare App, just Platform, or just App: refers to the platform provided by LogShare;

  • Personal Data or simply Data: refers to information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, in other words, information related to the Data Subjects of Personal Data indicated in this Policy;

  • Data Subjects of Personal Data, or simply Data Subjects: are the natural persons to whom the personal data being processed refers;

  • LogShare Users: are those data subjects who access our Platform through registration, meaning, by providing their CPF (individual taxpayer identification number) and password, being independent drivers who register with the legitimate interest of using LogShare's service.

  • LogShare Partner Users: are those data subjects who access our Platform on behalf of the partner company, through registration with a corporate email and password, to interact with LogShare Users (drivers) in order to facilitate the scheduling, allocation, and handling of loads/freights.

  • Including and Including Without Limitation: mean "including, without limitation," respectively.

  • The singular includes the plural and vice versa, and each gender includes the other;

  • Addenda, Attachments, Schedules, Communications, Notices, and any other appendices, provisions, and documents are part of this Privacy Policy and have the same effect as if they were expressly included in the body of this Policy, with any mention of one including a mention of the others.

Last updated: March 3, 2023

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