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Allow LogShare to reduce the idleness of your operation

If this is your main pain point as a shipper, understand how LogShare generates value through the optimization of logistics assets.

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Logistics Backhaul

An immediate solution to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and decrease CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more!

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Monetize the idleness of your return trips

LogShare bridges the gap between you and companies interested in acquiring your idleness. We connect your company with other shippers of equal reputation and reliability who share aligned purposes and follow your highest standards. 

Increase profits while reducing waste.

Reduce costs by 20% with shared shipments

LogShare is the only industry solution that connects routes for cargo sharing, saving money by sharing space on recurring routes. This way, you can reduce damages, fees, and provide more predictable deliveries.


Reduce costs while expanding your capacity.

PRO Plan


Negotiation and Scheduling

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Buying and/or Selling Idleness (Backhaul Freight)

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Less Than Truckload (LTL) Hiring

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Co-loading (STL) Hiring

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Spot Freight (FTL) Hiring

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Trip Scheduling

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Carrier Allocation

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Vehicle and Driver Allocation

Less Than Truckload (LTL) Hiring

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Vehicle Tracker Monitoring

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Dashboard and Analytics (Predictive and Prescriptive)

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Monitoring, Data, and Analytics

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CO2 Calculator

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User and Subdomain Management

Partner Management

User Management for Drivers

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Hire available idle capacities from various categories.



Connect our solution to your Logistics Control Tower.



A modern, agile, and streamlined flow to acquire freight with just a few clicks.

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"Since we started working with the company, we have identified significant optimization opportunities within our own logistics chain. The next step is to share routes with other companies to further increase the impact."

Foto perfil Elton Magalhães | GPA

Raquel Medeiros

Elton Magalhães

Project and Innovation Manager at GPA

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Imagine the environmental impact when companies realize that their logistics operations can be truly compatible.

Choose LogShare and opt for an effective alternative for sustainability.

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