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A new path to profitability for your fleet

Discover the power of Technology and Collaboration to tackle cargo transportation challenges with intelligence, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

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We connect cargo opportunities both on the outbound and return trips.

We understand that underutilized trucks mean wasted resources. With LogShare, the true potential of your vehicles is about to be unlocked. No matter the size of your fleet or the complexity of your demands.


A precise solution for your operation:

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Mapa do Brasil contendo pins em locais onde há rede credenciada e parceiros LogShare

At LogShare, we not only provide a platform but actively drive your business forward.

Our system actively scouts the best opportunities for you, connecting you with major companies and industries seeking logistic collaboration. Learn more

New Technologies. New Opportunities.

We are committed to taking your logistics operation into the digital era.

Imagine a platform that revolutionizes how you handle quotations, bids, and documentation.

Our freight management application offers operational efficiency and cost reduction of at least 20%.

All freight parameters are analyzed in real-time to make the perfect match, allowing you to gain an unparalleled competitive advantage.

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Fewer Emissions. More Productivity.

The demand for measures promoting sustainability is gaining momentum in the transportation sector.


It is estimated that 95% of Earth's climate damage is caused by fuel combustion.


Transportation is responsible for 10.2% of Brazil's greenhouse gas emissions.


The emission of 4 million tons of CO2 per year can be avoided by adopting return freight.

By adopting the LogShare technological solution, you can monitor the volume of your emissions and neutralize each trip within the same interface and with just a few clicks.

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At LogShare, we are not only ensuring that every kilometer traveled is productive and profitable, but we are also transforming the way you do business.


Join us and take your logistics operation to a new horizon of opportunities.

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