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We integrate logistics networks among shippers

Be part of the transformation of freight transportation and find the right route for a more competitive logistics.


We are LogShare

A logistics platform founded on the principle of collaboration. We believe that collaborative work is the key to achieving unparalleled logistical efficiency. Together, we can transform the world and contribute to a more productive and sustainable future for future generations.

We support cost reduction in logistics through shipper integration

The increase in fuel prices and costs related to road transport has increasingly required us to look for ways to optimize resources. Faced with this challenge, something that can be beneficial is "backhaul" (English for "return freight").

Return shipping allows companies to take advantage of available space in vehicles that are traveling back to the point of origin or to another collection point after delivery is complete.

We promote asset sharing to make your operation efficient and sustainable

Backhaul is key to reducing idle time and increasing productivity. This contributes to more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation, supporting shippers from all sectors in achieving their commitments to reducing CO2 emissions.

More responsible and sustainable logistics planning can result in shorter travel times and less fuel consumption, which, in turn, makes your deliveries even more efficient and increases customer satisfaction.

Main Partners


We are the first logistics collaboration platform in Latin America

The mission of the LogShare platform is to facilitate companies interested in selling the idle capacity of their routes to companies interested in purchasing this availability. At the end of each route traveled, we want all stakeholders to be provided with more competitive freight rates, which are essential for maintaining the financial health of the business. We offer efficient route planning for those routes that are most suitable for collaboration, as well as the ability to track shipments and access dashboards and route feedback. This complements your operation, which is already supported by some TMS, easily integrating with your existing tools. If you are a logistics director looking for innovative solutions to optimize freight transportation operations, LogShare is the answer you've been looking for.

Um mosaico de telas da plataforma LogShare
Navio atracado no cais do porto e caminhões e contâiners

Port of Santos
Porto de Santos

LogShare and the Port of Santos inaugurate a new phase in freight optimization and network integration for port operations.


LogShare Blog
A valuable load of information and ideas to boost your business and contribute to the strengthening of the logistics sector.

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