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For companies on the path to decarbonization

LogShare is on a mission to reinvent the cargo transportation industry. Through collaboration and technology, we eliminate inefficiencies and resource waste.

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Road transportation faces a significant challenge in reducing CO² emissions

It is estimated that 95% of Earth's climate damage is caused by fuel combustion

Transportation is responsible for 10.2% of Brazil's greenhouse gas emissions

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195 million tons of CO² were emitted into the atmosphere in 2021


CO2 Emissions

The state of the Brazilian Road Transportation.

Emissions are increasing instead of decreasing.


National Adaptation Plan

To achieve the successive commitments of public and private entities, we need to join forces: return freight + reforestation of green areas.

Paris Agreement

37% reduction by 2025 compared to 2005


COP 30

50% reduction by 2025 compared to 2005

Net-zero emissions by 2050

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Collaboration and the sharing of return freight

Return freight helps reduce transportation costs, decrease the carbon footprint, and increase efficiency in the sustainability chain.


LogShare believes in transparency and traceability as fundamental to a sustainable supply chain. 

Our platform offers advanced monitoring and reporting features, allowing you to track the environmental performance of your truck fleet.


With accurate and real-time data, you can identify areas for improvement, make informed decisions, and confidently communicate your carbon reduction efforts to your stakeholders.

"Sustainability can generate cost efficiency implicitly. By eliminating waste, companies can save on production costs and increase their competitiveness. 

Sustainable practices can also help companies better connect with their consumers, which can generate more revenue and increase brand value.
Shall we leave a better world?"

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Raquel Medeiros

Nestor Felpi

COO | Logistics Innovation LATAM

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Backhaul is Key to Emission Reduction

Investing in sustainability not only helps the planet but can also bring economic benefits to your business.

With LogShare, it is possible to take direct actions to reduce carbon emissions through reduced use of fossil fuels.

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